List of Students

The Lux Sit image Nikkei Students at the University of Washington 1941-42

In the 1941-42 academic year, there were more than 400 Nikkei students enrolled at the University of Washington. What happened to these students? This ongoing project seeks to find out. We're trying to track down our students and provide brief biographical information for each one.

Student names were derived from the 1941 University of Washington Directory. This is not a perfect listing, some students were missing from the directory and names were misspelled. To see student biographical information use the:

Please send any student information, corrections and comments to Theresa Mudrock at the University of Washington Libraries either by emailing or writing to:

Theresa Mudrock
Reference Division
University of Washington Libraries, Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900

Special thanks go to Irene Mano, Beth Kawahara, Jillian Yoshimoto and the Nikkei Alumni Association for help in compiling the biographical information, Madeline Mundt for taking the information and writing the biographies and entering the data, and to Corey Murata for setting up the database.

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