Information Concerning American Born Japanese Students Facing Evacuation
Fuyo-Kai Fulcrum
University of Washington Daily - Selected Articles
Japanese American Courier - Selected Articles
Minidoka Irrigator
Pacific Cable
Oral History Interview with Robert W. O'Brien
Letter from the Dean of Men requesting birth certificates for Washington born Japanese dated December 12, 1941
Tolan Committee Hearings
Conard Collection: Japanese Evacuation Report #7
Information and suggestions for evacuees
Interpretations and instructions concerning the rules established by the Regents
Japanese Evacuation Report #8
Letter from W.F. Dyde to Robert W. O'Brien dated April 17, 1942
Letter from L.P. Sieg to President Wilkins dated March 10, 1942
Letter from President Wilkens to L.P. Sieg dated March 19, 1942
Letter from Robert O'Brien to President Wilkins dated March 26, 1942
Letter from Robert O'Brien to President Wilkins dated April 11, 1942
Robert O’Brien, to Oberlin College Secretary to the President, Miss Ruth T. Forsythe
Letter from Ruth Forsythe to Robert O'Brien dated August 27, 1942
Letter from Robert O'Brien to President Wilkins, 29 June 1942
Letter from M.S. Eisenhower to C.E. Pickett dated May 5, 1942
Letter from Paster Leroy H. Walker to Dean Newhouse dated April 9, 1942
Letter from John J. McCloy to C.E. Pickett dated May 21, 1942
Form Letter from Dillon S. Myer to College and University Presidents dated August 7, 1942
Relocation of Japanese-American College Students: Acceptance of a Challenge
Telegraph from Kenzo Kuroda to UW Dean Newhouse
Telegraph from Dean Newhouse to Leroy, H. Walker, dated April 7, 1942
Letter from Dean Newhouse to Pastor Leroy H. Walker
Letter from Joseph W. Conard to Robert O'Brien dated April 20, 1942
"An Open Letter." The Evergreen, May 6, 1942
Memo from the Registrar's Office on the evacuation of Japanese students dated April 22, 1942
Relocating Japanese American Students
Student Relocation Committee Bulletin No. 1 dated May 6, 1942
University of Washington - Vice President of Student Affairs
Fuyo-Kai Minutes