Outfitting for the Trip

Exhibit: Klondike Gold Rush - The Perilous Journey North


~ Detail from A. Curtis photo 345A.

Merchants like Cooper and Levy of Seattle sold outfits to stampeders. A typical outfit contained: clothing, food, tools, and mining, camping, and transportation equipment.

Here is a sketch of a stampeder in Klondike outerwear.


sketch of outfitted stampeder

~ New York Journal Klondike Edition, August 22, 1897. U.W. Neg. #2058.


The Northwest Mounted Police made each stampeder bring a year’s supplies into Canada. This was roughly one ton of goods per person.

Here is an outfit list for a year's worth of supplies.


a year's worth of supplies

~ Lugrin, Charles Henry. Yukon Gold Fields. . .. Victoria: Colonist Printing and Publishing Co., 1897. 27.


Seattle made millions in Klondike business due to its successful self-promotion as the best place to outfit and depart for the North.

Here are a few supply advertisements. All advertisements are from Map-Guide: Seattle to Dawson. . .. Seattle: Humes, Lysons and Sallee, 1897.

hickory hand sled

portable pantry

hardy-hall arms