Managing the Park



In response to the 1964 Wilderness Act and a shifting environmental focus, a master plan for park development, and its accompanying environmental studies, sparked debate in the early 1970s. People weighed in on all sides of the issue during sessions for public comment.





Land management and reclamation efforst have been a part of the Park's history, as well. One example is that of the meadow restoration projects carried out at Paradise. C. Frank Brockman's 1959 study reported that restoration efforts would be about visitor education as well as trail repair and meadow plantings.


"Mount Rainier National Park includes a rich assortment of historic buildings, bridges, and other structures associated with the development of the park prior to WWII. Built of native wood and stone, these structures are examples of an architectural style known as "Government Rustic"....Park managers now consider the preservation of this architectural legacy to be an integral part of their management objectives." --Theodore Catton, Wonderland: an administrative history of Mount Rainier National Park, 1996.

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