The Basket Ball Game

A yelling, laughing, happy, good natured crowd taxed both the sitting and standing room in the balcony of the big armory on Friday afternoon last. The occasion was the long-anticipated basket ball game between our Women's Athletic association team and the Ellensburg Normal Women's team. Everybody had come expecting an enjoyable time and if any were disappointed they have yet to be heard from.

Considerable preliminary discussion occurred which delayed the starting of the game beyond the expected time. The contesting teams had some difficulty in agreeing upon the ball which should be used and the rules which should govern the play, but everything was finally arranged to the satisfaction of both parties, and Captain Mabel Ward of the University and Captain Farnsworth of Ellensburg led their respective forces onto the field of battle. A sort of grand march preceded the game which gave everyone an opportunity to discuss the merits of the opposing teams and speculate upon the probable outcome. The march ended, the players were assigned their respective posts, every one held his breath for a moment, the leather sphere was tossed into the air and with a marked absence of screaming from the contestants, the game began.

With the audience, however, the case was different. The audience was there to be heard and heard it was, to the satisfaction or otherwise of every one present, according to his or her inclinations.

The visitors had many friends in the audience, and the Ellensburg slogan echoed and re-echoed throughout the building much to the satisfaction of the fair players from that city. This was met, however, with our girls' euphonius battle cry.


"He! ho! hi!
He! ho! ha!
Konamox, Clatawa,
Skookum Squaw."

which roused the defenders of the Purple and Gold to renewed efforts and finally won the game for the University by a score of two goals to one. The team work of the University far excelled that of Ellensburg and there seemed to be little difficulty in keeping the ball in the vicinity of their opponents' goal. The ball, however, stubbornly refused to settle down in the basket at the proper time and many good plays were rendered valueless on this account. The Ellensburg goal throwers were more accurate in their work, but through inferior field work, failed to score, but once.

Mr. George E. De Steiguer of the S.A.C. acted as referee, and Dr. Titus of the S.A.C. and Miss Cartwright of Ellensburg were selected as referees. Prof. Van Derveer held the watch. . . . .

After the game which consisted of two fifteen minute halves, a thirty yard dash occurred which was won by Miss Andrews, with Miss Hanford a close second.


--Pacific Wave, April 23, 1896