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Warren G. Magnuson Endowed Library Fund

Warren MagnusonThe purpose of the Endowment is to supplement the collections in areas related to Senator Magnuson's legacy of public service: political science and history, labor issues, law, health care, consumer protection, natural resources, fisheries conservation, science, and transportation policies.

Warren G. Magnuson began his career in the nation's capital in 1937 as a Representative from Washington State. In 1944 he was elected to the US Senate, where he served six full terms. Senator Magnuson advanced civil rights, created legislation to protect Puget Sound and established NOAA. He promoted local commerce, worked to increase consumer protection, reorganized the railroads and established the Columbia and Snake River dams to provide power to the Pacific Northwest. He was a strong advocate of federal aid to education and helped to establish the National Institutes of Health. In recognition of the Senator's primary role in establishing the UW as a leading medical research institution, the UW Health Sciences Center is named for him. The University Libraries is the repository of his political and personal papers.