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UW Libraries Search (beta) - FAQ

What is the UW Libraries Search (beta)?

  • The UW Libraries Search (beta) is the search tool for discovering materials in the UW Libraries and Summit Libraries’ collections.  It mirrors UW WorldCat in many ways in that it includes books, articles and more through a simple search box, allowing you to filter your search results in a number of ways based on your needs.


Why did you change the search system?

  • This migration is part of a major cooperative effort of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a consortium of 37 academic libraries across the region.  This move from 37 systems to a single shared library system is a hallmark of our collaboration.  By sharing one system, we'll improve the research experience for our students and faculty and better manage all of our resources.


Can I still get materials that I need for my research?

  • Yes, the same excellent collections are available to you, including books, articles, and more from the collections of the UW Libraries, our Summit network, and via Interlibrary Loan services.


What are some new features of the search system?

  • You are able to limit your search to materials on the Seattle, Bothell, or Tacoma campuses, or Gallagher Law Library.
  • You are able to limit to materials available in a library building of your choosing.  For example, you could limit to material available in the Mathematics Research Library.
  • You are also able to limit to materials currently available on the shelf, eliminating any results for materials that are currently checked out.


Why do I have to log-in to the new system?

  • Available services are customized based on your UW affiliation. Your UW NetID and password will be your login for the new system. If you do not have a UW NetID you can continue as a guest.


Can I still view my library account?

  • Yes.  As always, you are able to see what items you have checked out, due dates, and renew online.



What happened to WorldCat lists?

  • If you created any lists of resources in UW WorldCat, those lists will still be accessible through UW WorldCat. You can export your lists to a citation management system if you like, but they were not migrated to the UW Libraries Search (beta) system.  There is a similar feature in the UW Libraries Search (beta) called e-Shelf.


What about the UW-only catalog?

  • The UW-only catalog is no longer accessible.


What happened to the email alerts that I used to receive from the catalog?

  • “Preferred searches” are email alerts that you may have set up using the UW-only catalog, which sent periodic emails when new materials matching your search criteria were added to the collection.  These emails have ceased.  You will be able to set up a similar alert in UW Libraries Search (beta), but your old preferred searches will not transfer to the new system.


Does the UW Libraries Search (beta) work with citation management tools?

  • Yes.  You will be able to export results to various tools, although things may work a little differently than in UW WorldCat.  More information will be forthcoming as this functionality develops. You can find more information on the Citations and Writing Guide.


Where can I learn more?