UW Tacoma Library

Use Policy/Description of Facility

Exhibit Spaces or Room:

First Floor:

  • Lobby
  • Periodicals Area
  • Maps & Atlas Area
  • Snoqualmie Reading Room


Submit Exhibit Proposal Forms [pdf] to:

Name: Hannah Wilson
Phone: 253-692-4391
Email: wilsonhd@uw.edu

University Libraries Representative:

Lauren Pressley

Area Specification and Description, Equipment and Hours:


  • 1 locked, wood glass display case, horizontal/front loading, unlit, 10"high X 68"wide X 32"deep
  • 1 free-standing, two-sided bulletin board, cork & white board, 42"high X 60"wide

Periodicals Area:

  • 1 locked, wood display case, glass sliding doors, adjustable woodent shelves, unlit, 74"high X 35"wide X 10"deep

Maps & Atlas Area:

  • 1 locked, wood display case, glass sliding doors, adjustable glass shelves, interior light, 58"high X 44"wide X 16"deep
  • 1 cork bulletin board, 46.5"high X 96" wide

Snoqualmie Reading Room:

  • 1 unlocked, wood display case, front opening doors, adjustable metal shelves, interior light, 53"high X 34"wide X 11"deep

Special Conditions:

  • No climate control
  • The Libraries takes no responsibility for the security or welfare of exhibits at any time, including during transport, installation, or dismantling. Before an exhibit is installed, exhibitors must sign an Exhibit Release Form indemnifying the UW from any responsibility for loss or damage.