Tahirler Project

Revised 7/2000

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Tahirler Project


Title: searchable, public/staff field; required field


Title is a brief phrase which describes the subject in the image. .

E.g. Justinianic coin from Kilisiler.


Coverage: searchable, public/staff field


The name of the archaeological site within the survey area of the Tahirler Project where pottery was collected or picture taken.

E.g., Kilisiler; Poyrazoglu; Tahirler


Identifier: searchable, public/staff field

Catalog number

The first three letters of the catalog number signify the name of the site; followed by the date when the pottery was collected or, in the case of views, when the picture was taken; the third number indicates the number of the sherd cataloged from that site. (N.B. some sample pieces of pottery were kept but not assigned catalog numbers.)

The third number is, in some cases, preceded by a letter, which indicates and object or group of objects which were photographed but not kept: e.g., Poy-98-P4. Images which are not of artifacts (landscape, architecture, people, etc.) should have numbers of the form Poy-98-I [=Image]-number.

Title: searchable, public/staff field


The Object featured in the image.

E.g., Roman coin, Rim of a storage jar, View of hill-top fort from the North, etc.

Description: searchable, public/staff field

Teaching notes

Teaching notes contains a description (for the non-specialist audience) of  the  significance of the object under consideration.

Description: Searchable, public/staff field; required field

Physical description

The Physical description field will describe in detail the physical characteristics of artifacts or the features of particular images.

Notes on pottery will include the type of ware, description of the fabric and slip, Munsell reading etc.

E.g., Slip: 7.5 YR 7/6, reddish yellow, course fabric, silver mica, white sand inclusions.

Fabric = Int/ext – 7.5 YR 7/6; = center – 10 YR 5/3 brown

Size: Diameter 2.4 cm.


Description: searchable, public/staff field

Additional notes

Additional notes is an area for informal notes, hypotheses, bibliography, references to similar objects from other sites, etc.

Coverage: searchable, public/staff field


Area/Location contains the exact find spot of the object when it is known.

E.g., Found in gully on west side of Kilisiler ridge; From fallow field on south side of Dikmen Huyuk.

Source: searchable; staff field


Current location

Gives Current location of the object pictured. This will most often be the Ankara museum, although some of the artifacts may be held by local farmers. Non-public field

Coverage: searchable, staff field

GPS reading

GPS reading and the year taken.


None: searchable, public/staff field.


See below

None: non-searchable, staff field

Locus description

Both of the Locus fields refer to excavation data and can be added and mapped later, if permission is given to excavate the site.

Contributor: non-searchable, public/staff field


Name of photographer. Input Last name, First name.

Date: non-searchable, public/staff field

Date of photograph

Input MM/DD/YY

None: non-searchable, public/staff field

Photograph notes

Contains notes, remarks on condition of photograph itself.

Rights: non-searchable, staff-only field


This field lists the statement of copyright any restrictions on the use of an image.


Format: non-searchable, staff-only field

Transmission data

Describes the digital conversion process, date scanned, etc.

Scanned from photographic print using…