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UW Libraries COVID-19 Updates

UW Bothell and UW Tacoma Libraries may have different reopening plans based on individual campus readiness.
Check campus library websites for the most accurate information.


This page is updated in real time reflecting current status of Libraries re-opening and operations. Please continue to check this page for the most up-to-date information, and follow our social media channels for alerts and news. Last updated/reviewed June 23, 2020.

All UW Libraries buildings are CLOSED at this time.

The health and safety of all is our priority as we work closely with campus partners and leadership to plan for a gradual and phased reopening in accordance with UW Safe Start protocols. See also Preparing for Summer and Fall Quarter

    STATUS: UW Libraries is still in Phase 1

    • While University of Washington campuses are now in Phase 2,  the Libraries will move into Phase 2 upon approval of Phase 2 Prevention Plans; however moving into Phase 2 will not facilitate opening up Libraries buildings to the public. (See below: When Will Libraries Open Again?)

    When will curbside pick-up be available to access physical materials?

    • Curbside pick-up will not be available immediately upon the onset of Phase 2, but it will be the first service provided as soon as it is feasible. More information.

    When will Libraries open again?

    • Based on the protocols outlined within University of Washington COVID-19 Safe Start Phases*, Libraries in Seattle will not be able to open buildings to the public in Phase 2.

    • Re-opening plans are highly dependent on operational readiness at the time of transition, and the ability to safely bring staff and users back into our spaces. Libraries are actively developing the required prevention plans and operational guidance for Phase 2 operations, but Libraries buildings will not be open to the public in Phase 2. UW Libraries is currently assessing Phase 3 operations, and more specific guidance will be posted when plans are confirmed.

    • UW Bothell and UW Tacoma campus Libraries may have different reopening models based on individual campus readiness. For UW Tacoma this will also be based on state guidelines for Pierce county.Check campus web sites for current guidance.

    • As UW moves closer to each transition phase, Libraries will update this page and communicate plans through central communications as soon as new information is available.

    Returns, Fines, Access and More

    • Access to physical materials: there is no access to physical materials, but Interlibrary Loan can facilitate scans of certain materials. (see details below)

    • Course Reserves: 100% e-resources are required for summer, highly encouraged for fall quarter. See Faculty Guidance for Choosing Online Materials

    • Due dates will be extended until re-opening.

    • Returning items: Please keep all items until we reopen. If you are unable to keep items, please email

    • Fines: Overdue fines accrued between March 6, 2020 and the day the Libraries re-open will be cancelled. Fines accrued before March 6 can be paid online.

    • Renewing books: See instructions on how to renew online.

    • Access to e-resources: UW Libraries provides a wide range of e-resources including temporary access to over 1 million additional electronic books and resources through our HathiTrust partnership. See Remote Resources.

    • Graduating students retain off-campus access to online library collections and databases using Husky OnNet or the off-campus proxy until library privileges expire during Winter 2021.

    Accessing Physical Library Materials and Interlibrary Loan

    • Following state and UW protocols, UW Libraries staff are not able to work on site and therefore physical collections are not available to scan or pick up at this time.

    • The following services are therefore not available: Request an UW item for pick up, Summit, UW Article Scanning Services, Course Instruction Scanning, Physical Course Reserves, Home Delivery, and Department Delivery.

    • Interlibrary Loan continues to fill requests for articles and book chapters. Any requests that cannot be filled with electronic resources will be requested from other libraries. Requests may take longer than normal. Some requests may be cancelled if another library is unable to fulfill the request.