Persistent identifiers help you manage and track your data sets, publications, or other digital objects. Research Data Services can help you register for digital object identifiers (DOI) using our subscription to EZID to help you reference your own work in publications and allow others to cite your objects. We can also help research teams or departments on campus create their own EZID accounts. Email libdata@uw.edu to get started.

Why Use EZID?

EZID helps you to take control of the management and distribution of your research, share and get credit for it, and build your reputation through its collection and documentation. EZID makes objects easier to access, re-use and verify. As a result, it also makes it easier to build on previous work, to conduct new research, and avoid duplicating previous efforts.

Who Can Use EZID?

EZID is available at no cost to individuals or groups affiliated with the University of Washington.

What Are Appropriate Disciplines?

All disciplines can benefit from using EZID. EZID transcends domain boundaries and is applicable to the sciences, humanities and the social sciences.

What Kind of Digital Content is Appropriate?

EZID will work with a range of object types including numerical data, images (e.g. photos, diagram, graphs), text sequences, text (e.g. field notes, technical reports, descriptions), digital audio, digital video, modeling data, as well as physical fossils, vocabulary terms, living beings and more


EZID was developed and is supported by the University of California Curation Center (UC3).