Microform Duplication Services

provided through the Backstage Library Works Duplication on-demand service

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The University of Washington Libraries Microform & Newspaper Collections collects and preserves many newspapers published in Washington State. These newspapers are available in microfilm format.

Titles listed in the UW Microfilm Print Masters Inventory are available for purchase through Backstage Library Works by following the To Order steps below.


  • Duplicate 35mm. positive and/or negative microfilm reels are produced on Kodak silver halide polyester duplicating film.


  • In almost all cases, you will want to order positive microfilm.


  • Payment & Delivery are handled by Backstage Library Works:
    • $53.75 per reel for order processing plus delivery.
    • Requesting individual/institution must pay shipping charges.
    • Orders will be shipped via UPS with the option of rush and overnight shipping.
    • Institutions within the United States will be billed by Backstage Library Works.
    • Individuals in the United States and individuals and institutions outside of the United States must pre-pay.


  • Microfiche duplication can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

To Order:

  1. Search the UW Microfilm Print Masters Inventory to see if an item is available for duplication.
  2. Using the information listed in the UW Microfilm Print Masters Inventory, fill out the Microfilm Duplication Request form.
  3. Once we receive your order, we will retrieve the microfilm and send it to Backstage Library Works to be duplicated. We will inform you if your order cannot be filled.
  4. Backstage Library Works will handle all payments and ship the microfilm to you.
  5. Questions? Please contact us.