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UW Libraries Loan Code

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WAC 478-168-160 University of Washington Libraries - Loan Code - Purpose

The Board of Regents of the University of Washington has established the following regulations which govern the lending of library material from the University of Washington Libraries (excluding the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library and Library and the Elisabeth C. Miller Library in the Center for Urban Horticulture).

The loan code for the University of Washington Libraries is contained in WAC 478-168-160 to WAC 478-168-390.

WAC 478-168-180 Identification Card - Conditions of Use

  1. Each borrower is responsible for obtaining an official identification card from the appropriate University office or a library borrower's card from Library Account Services.
  2. An identification card is authorized for use only by the individual whose name appears on the card.
  3. Official identification must be presented for the completion of each in-person circulation transaction.
  4. Each borrower is responsible for materials checked out on his/her University of Washington identification card or library borrower's card. Library materials are not to be loaned to others except as designated in 478-168-180 (6).
  5. Campus borrowers are responsible for keeping the Registrar or Payroll Office informed of changes of address. Off-campus borrowers are responsible for keeping Library Account Services informed of changes of address.
  6. Each University of Washington faculty, academic personnel, administrative personnel, professional staff, Visiting Scholar, and other individuals as authorized by the Dean of University Libraries, may designate up to two proxies or couriers for the purpose of picking up materials for his/her use.

WAC 478-168-190 Disclosure of Library User Identity

Unless otherwise required by law, all library records that contain information about individual users of library services are confidential.

WAC 478-168-270 Date Library Material Is Due

Material is due on the date and hour specified at the time checked out or as adjusted by recall. If the hour is not specified, material is due at midnight on the date specified.

WAC 478-168-280 Return of Library Material

  1. Reserve material must be returned directly to the unit from which it is borrowed. If it is returned elsewhere, it is considered to be returned at the time it is received at the unit from which it was borrowed. Special material may be designated for return directly to the unit from which it is borrowed.
  2. All other material is considered returned the date it is returned to any library unit in the system.
  3. Material returned to the outside book drop when the library unit is closed will be considered returned as of closing time the previous day the library was open.

WAC 478-168-310 Fines and Charges

  1. All borrowers are subject to a uniform system of fines and charges for late return of library material and for replacement costs when required. The Dean of University Libraries or his/her designee will set the schedule of fines and charges on a regular basis
  2. The approved schedule of fines and charges will be available online and in the Libraries Operations Manual.
  3. Fines are monetary sanctions for the late return of material. Fines are levied only when an overdue items is returned prior to billing.
  4. Billing charges are levied to defray the costs incurred by the Libraries in billing, processing sanctions, and other activities related to the recovery of material that is substantially overdue.
  5. Replacement charges are levied to pay for the replacement of substantially overdue material. The replacement charges include the cost of the material and the cost of processing the material for the shelves. All library materials, regardless of fines and fees paid, remain state property.
  6. Binding, mending and damage charges are levied to repair material, to prepare replacement materials for circulation or to compensate for the decreased value of materials due to irreparable damage.

WAC 478-168-320 Notices and Invoices

  1. All notices and invoices for library charges will be sent via United States first class, campus or electronic mail.
  2. Failure to receive a notice or invoice does not exempt the borrower from charges.

WAC 478-168-325 Payment of Fines and Charges

Fines and charges should be remitted to Library Account Services unless the charges have been referred to the collection agency. Departmental purchase orders are not acceptable on the basis that fines and charges may not be appropriately paid by departmental, grant or other funds controlled by the University.

WAC 478-168-380 Appeal of Library Charges

  1. The Libraries has the right to reduce or forgive fines and charges for borrowers in accordance with guidelines specified in the Libraries Operations Manual. Borrowers can appeal unresolved problems to the Library Fines Appeals Committee.
  2. 1. The Libraries informs potential appellants of the availability of the appeals process at the time of billing and in all correspondence regarding the application of sanctions.
  3. Meetings of the Libraries Fines Appeals Committee are considered brief adjudicative procedures as defined by the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 34.05 RCW). Committee meetings are conducted in conformance with the act and other applicable laws.
  4. A completed appeals form must be submitted within six months of billing for the charges to be appealed.

WAC 478-168-390 Failure to Pay Library Charges and Misuse of Library Privileges

  1. Failure to pay library charges and/or return library material may result in:
    1. Holds being placed on student records.
    2. Cancellation or blocking of registration for students.
    3. Collection processing by the Libraries and/or campus agencies designated by the University of Washington. Such accounts may also be reported to credit bureaus and/or litigation instituted.
    4. Revocation of borrowing privileges.
    5. Civil or criminal action against the borrower.
    6. Any combination thereof.
  2. Misuse of library privileges may result in revocation of borrowing privileges by the Dean of University Libraries or his/her designee.

September 2004