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Renewing Materials

Most UW Libraries materials are allowed an unlimited number of renewals.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Items which have had holds placed on them cannot be renewed
  • Reserve items cannot be renewed
  • Items checked out through Summit cannot be renewed
    (Summit borrowing available only to current UW students, faculty, staff, and Summit Visiting Patrons.)
  • Items billed for replacement cannot be renewed

You may view Your Library Account at any time to see a list of your checked out items.
Note: This does not include items such as unbound periodicals that were checked out with a handwritten check-out slip. If your list shows an item that you believe you have returned, do not request renewal, but rather notify the circulation staff of the owning unit.

  • Items with barcodes can be renewed remotely via the Web or by phone.
  • Items without barcodes, such as unbound periodicals, cannot be renewed using online forms. Renewals can be made by phone or by sending an e-mail message to the owning library unit.