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Regional Labor Records Survey

Help Preserve and List Regional Labor Records

Labor and labor related organizations and cultural institutions: Take the Labor Archives of Washington's regional records survey

  • The Labor Archives of Washington invites all labor and labor related organizations in the Pacific Northwest with records related to labor history and interrelated civil rights and social justice organizations/activism to participate in the Pacific Northwest Labor Records Survey.
  • For labor unions and labor related organizations: This information will give LAW a broader knowledge about where records reside, understand the formats you have and are creating, understand your storage conditions, staffing, and other concerns about your records.
    • For archives, libraries, and cultural institutions: This information will give the LAW a broader knowledge about where records documenting labor history in the region currently reside, enabling us to compile a regional directory of labor historical records as well as integrate this information into the Society of American Archivists, Labor Archives Section’s Labor Archives of the United States and Canada: A Directory.

    If would like to complete the survey over the phone or by paper, contact Assistant Labor Archivist, Crystal Rodgers at rodgercr@uw.edu or 206-685-6903.