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Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits


      Solidarity Centennial: The Legacy of the Seattle General Strike Era and the Centralia Tragedy of, 1919 - The Seattle General Strike shut down the city for six days, uniting diverse groups across occupations and political affiliations. Later that year, backlash against the strike's success and radical labor set the stage for a bloody showdown in Centralia, Washington later that year. This exhibit was part of a statewide series of Solidarity Centennial programming in 2019. Creation of the online exhibit was made possible by funds from the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies.

      Author, Poet, and Worker: The World of Carlos Bulosan - Digital version of LAW exhibit on Filipino American labor activist, writer, and poet Carlos Bulosan and the labor, activist, and ethnic communities of which he was a part.

      Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection Exhibit
      - Exhibit examining the historical context of the Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection.

      Images of Labor and Social Justice: The Art of Richard Correll - Digital version of LAW exhibit on Richard V. "Dick" Correll (1904-1990), described as "one of the leading masters of printmaking in the West". Correll was best known for his powerful black and white linoleum cuts, etchings and woodblock prints. His themes ranged from landscapes, animals and agricultural scenes, harbors and ships, and music and dance to those which reflected his lifelong concern with political and social issues.